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Important stages of development

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Important stages of development

  1. Knowledge of stages of tuber development is important for crop management.
  2. Tuber development cannot be judged from canopy development.
  3. Direct examination of below-ground development is required.
  4. Stages of tuber development are shown below.
  5. In a crop with even development, plants should reach these stages at similar times.

Stages of tuber development


Stage 1: stolon tips hooked and extending (Hook).

Stage 2: onset of stolon tip swelling, the first visible stage of tuber development (Os).

Stage 3: described in the industry as “tuber initiation” but this is a misnomer as the tuber has already been initiated.

Stage 4: onset of tuber bulking, tuber >10mm diameter (Ob).


Further information

See Crop Growth Patterns for presentations which provide introductions to various aspects of potato physiology.


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