Potato Review Group

1996 PRG Notes

N.B. These notes are historic. While hypertext links within a chapter work, links between the contents page and chapters no longer work.


Contents 1996



Tuber bulking 1996

Root growth 1996

Canopy manipulation 1996

Heat stress 1996



Seed rate and size 1996



Nitrogen and tuber formation 1996

Magnesium nutrition 1996

Boron nutrition 1996

Fertiliser placement 1996

Foliar nutrient uptake 1996

Nutrients in slurry 1996

Palintest soil anlaysis 1996

Fulcrum 1996

Yeald growth stimulant



Soil moisture measurement 1996


Disease control

Late blight 1996

Pink rot 1996

Brown rot 1996

Common scab 1996

Spraing transmission 1996


Pest control

PCN sampling 1996


Weed control

Rimsulfrun herbicide 1996


Planting and harvesting

Planting date 1996


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