Potato Review Group

1999 PRG Notes

N.B. These notes are historic. While hypertext links within a chapter work, links between the contents page and chapters no longer work.


Contents 1998



Nitrogen 1998

Fulcrum application 1998

Cytokinins 1998



Control of soil moisture 1998


Disease control

Late blight control 1998

Tuber blemishing diseases 1998

Erwinia soft rots 1998


Pest control

Aphids 1998

Slugs 1998

Wireworms 1998

Cutworms 1998


Weed and haulm control

Weed control 1998

Control of volunteer potatoes 1998

Chemicals for volunteer control 1998

Haulm destruction 1998



Bruising and damage 1998

Tuber dry matter 1998

Tuber fry colour 1998

Internal rust spot 1998


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