Potato Review Group

2007 PRG Presentations


Nitrogen application 2007

Fertigation 2007

Nutrition review 2007



Cultivation for potatoes 2007



Seed diseases and treatments 2007

Seed rate and water supply 2007


Disease control

Late blight – protection of new growth 2007

Late blight fungicide trials 2007

Late blight fungicide resistance 2007

Late blight control with mandipropamid 2007

Late blight and phosphorus acid 2007

Potato purple roll top 2007


Pest control

Pesticides update 2007


Weed control

Weed control 2007

Weed control in aquatic situations 2007


Planting and harvesting

Date of planting 2007

Haulm destruction and vascular browning 2007



Potato taste and texture 2007



Mayan Gold cultivar 2007

Potato markets 2007

Summary of the seminars in 2007

Analysis of the 2006 season in 2007


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