Potato Review Group

2020 PRG Presentations

Introductory meeting

PRG research 1991 – 2020 (Examples of research on physiology and nutrition in particular)

Organic matter for potatoes 2020 (An introduction to types and use of organic matter)

Soil management strategies for potatoes 2020 (Managing difficult soil conditions)

Sprout suppression 2020 (Physiological effects of sprout suppression techniques)


Webinar 1: early season

Late blight 2020

Aphids 2020

Weed control 2020

Foliar magnesium 2020


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Webinar 2: tissue sampling

Tissue sampling for potatoes 2020


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Webinar 3: mid to late season

Amelioration of mid season stress 2020

Application of phosphite for disease resistance 2020

Control of early blight (Alternaria spp) 2020

Application of maleic hydrazide 2020

Haulm destruction 2020


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Webinar 4: preparing for the future

Applications to seed and soil 2020

Organic materials for potatoes: what, when and why 2020

Cover crops in the potato rotation 2020


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Information provided during the season

Weed control 2020 (Results from an experiment performed in 2019: relationships between weed and crop growth)

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Notes from an external source

Emerger herbicide 2020 – Bayer (Manufacturer’s information on aclonifen, including weed spectrum)


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