Potato Review Group

2020 PRG Introduction / Back to Basics Presentations

Physiology 2020:
What are the important stages of development?
What can be learnt from patterns of growth of shoots, roots and tubers?
When can management influence crop potential?
What happens when a crop is stressed?

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Nutrition 2020:
Nitrogen – physiology and PRG application model.
Potassium – physiology and PRG application model.
Phosphorus – physiology and PRG application guidance.
Other nutrients – physiology and use.

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Seed 2020:
How do the following influence crop potential?

Seed size
Seed population
Seed age
Seed provenance
Seed health / quality

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Diseases 2020:
Foliar diseases
Tuber blemishing diseases
Tuber rotting diseases

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Pests 2020:
Aphids and virus transmission
Potato cyst nematodes
Free living nematodes
Minor pests

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