Potato Review Group

Important information

  1. Always use agrochemicals according to the manufacturer’s label.
  2. Any recommendation for a chemical application should be followed only after checking that it is still legal (i.e. not been outdated since it was published on the website) and should not be undertaken without checking the manufacturer’s label.
  3. See this page for links to the websites of major agrochemical manufacturers.
  4. Be aware of the dangers of illegal and counterfeit pesticides.
    • It is important to keep this subject updated as the risks have not diminished even in the UK.
    • See the presentations and statements below for further details.


Notes on illegal and counterfeit pesticides

Illegal pesticides 2016 (The potential extent of the problem; possible sources and routes of entry of illegal pesticides; diligence when sourcing pesticides)

Illegal and counterfeit pesticides 2014 (Dangers of illegal pesticides; parallel imports; differences between genuine and other products; possible indications of illegal pesticides – can be hard to spot)


Notes on illegal and counterfeit pesticides from an external source

Bayer flyer (A summary of anti-counterfeiting measures)

Bayer statement 2018 (A statement of Bayer’s commitment to anti-counterfeiting)